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Good food for good food’s lovers

New culinary experiences from the heart of Chiavenna to your kitchen
Matlab is Chiavenna’s culinary laboratory where we combine selected ingredients, years of work experience in the kitchen and our passion for quality and for making culinary creations every day.

Our food is always fresh and natural and it combines tradition and innovation.

Mattia and Matteo

What’s in our dishes

The secret behind every recipe is the attention we give to every single detail, from the laboratory to the
counter. It is our idea of food that makes it special and it is what you will find in every dish

to share it with everyone.

Highly selected ingredients

We research the ingredients that we use with extreme care.

We select them in local gardens or by small producers, as in the case of the zero-miles vegetables, fruit preserves and our flour produced with corn
grown in Valtellina.

Only fresh and natural ingredients, to get the best of nature.

Innovative cooking methods

We use sophisticated cooking techniques that preserve the taste and organoleptic qualities of food: low
temperature cooking, vacuum cooking and pasteurisation that give us long term and 100% natural
products, without adding preservatives.

Tradition mixed with innovation

In our laboratory we cook the dishes of the Italian and local tradition, following original recipes.

At the same time, we like experimenting brand new tastes and making new culinary creations in
order to satisfy everyone’s palate.

All our passion

Every day we put hard work and passion in what we do.

Researching the best products, preparing our best food, serving every client with kindness and bringing our cuisine to social events are the reasons of our pride and satisfaction.

We make something good and we want to share it with everyone.

MAT-LAB 05.png

Ready meals and fresh food

Every day we have takeaway meals ready for you to heat up and enjoy in a few minutes thanks to our special vacuum packages. There is a wide choice of starters, main courses and side dishes from the tradition of Italy and Valtellina. We also have fish specialities and recipes from Thai and oriental cuisine. In addition, on our counter you can find a huge selection of fresh food made with high-quality ingredients, homemade sauces and quiches, as well as the best Italian and international food, local wines and liquors.


Cold cuts and cheese

Our counter is filled with highly researched products: cheese from selected producers and left to mature in Chiavenna’s famous crotti, hams and cured meats we submit to a further process of aging, for an even better taste.

Catering for events and themed evenings

Thanks to decades of experience in the field, we are able to organise personalised catering services for every kind of occasion and for public, corporate and private events. We arrange top quality customised menus that will meet every specific needs.

  • Private and corporate events and dinners

  • Reception and banquet

  • Evenings with alternative dishes in bars and clubs

Come and visit us in the shop! That’s where
Contact us and ask for our products !


di Marciocchi Matteo e Sala Mattia s.n.c.

23022 CHIAVENNA (SO) - Italia

C.F. e P.IVA 01050290145

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